Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Harley Cooper (Beth Ehlers) grew up believing that her father, Buzz, died in Vietnam shortly after she was born.


Turns out Harley Cooper's father, Buzz, did go to Vietnam before she was born. We even learned later that he returned to Springfield long enough to become embroiled, along with Billy, Josh and Ed, in a young woman's murder.

But rather than coming home to wife Nadine and kids Frank and Harley, Buzz simply went AWOL and disappeared. He married another woman and fathered a daughter named Lucy. Nadine, to spare her kids, told them Daddy was a war hero. A dead war hero.

Which is why, when Harley, along with boyfriend Mallet (then-Mark Derwin), went to Washington D.C. she was crushed not to see her father's name on the Vietnam Memorial Wall, alongside the actual war heroes.

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