Tuesday, February 20, 2007


According to The Harvard Crimson (don't those students have more important things to worry about?), there are THREE TIPS FOR ENJOYING FASHION WEEK:

2) Don’t let the bouncers deter you. You are a deserving person in your own right, even if you were never on “As the World Turns."

Now, because I tend to overthink things, I wondered if the ATWT reference is in any way connected to Tip #1, which was: Even though people are pressing drinks into your hand like you are Lindsay Lohan during a particularly rough night at Hyde, try not to drink them. They are made for seasoned alcoholics and not for people that throw up after one beer.

If that is the case then, "Psst... Harvard geniuses... Lindsay Lohan appeared on Another World, not As The World Turns..."

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