Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Before they were stalwart members of the Springfield community lecturing others on how to live their lives, Ross (Jerry ver Dorn) and Vanessa (Maeve Kinkead) were... well... bad people.

Ross romanced a vulnerable Amanda Spaulding hoping to use her money to launch a political career, slung some serious mud while defending Roger Thorpe at his marital rape trial, and cheated on Eve, a woman he actually did love, with his old flame, Vanessa.

Vanessa, meanwhile, blackmailed her illigitimate half-brother, spread false rumors about other people's romantic lives, and schemed to win an uninterested Ross back by any means neccessary -- including faking a suicide attempt, and showing up at his apartment wearing nothing but a fur coat and heels.

Was Vanessa's chilly seduction GL's Greatest Moment Ever? Watch it on and vote!

And, as you're watching, keep in mind Ross and Vanessa's respective pasts. It makes sense now, doesn't it, how their long lost daughter, Dinah, was able to come to town a sweet innocent (Jennifer Gatti, pictured above), but eventually morph into hell on wheels. Blood will tell, after all...

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