Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Guiding Light's Dr. Sara McIntyre was a whiz at the bedside, not so good in the bedroom.

From the time she arrived in Springfield in 1967, her taste in men was, to put it charitably... flawed.

She turned down marriage proposals from good guys Paul Fletcher and Joe Warner only to accept one from Lee Gantry.

Lee was handsome. Lee was charming and educated. Lee was after Sara's money and tried driving her crazy to acquire it.

When Sara remained stubbornly sane, Lee decided to go the straight murder route -- but make it look like a suicide (he was a sociopath, not stupid).

Sara began to get a clue when she learned Lee had killed his first wife but, by then, it was too late. Lee snuck up on Sara in their attic and went ahead with his plan to snuff her out.

Fortunately, Joe arrived and, while Sara lay unconscious, the two men battled it out to the death.

Who came out the victor and was Lee and Joe's battle GL's Greatest Moment? Check it out on CBS.com!

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