Friday, February 09, 2007


As freezing temperatures blanket most of the Midwest (overnight, temperatures dipped as low as 15 below in Freeport, in the northwest part of Illinois, and reached minus 10 at O'Hare International Airport; With the wind, it felt more like minus 30 in Chicago), ATWT's Henry (Trent Dawson) once again proves himself to be the most sensible person in Oakdale, Illinois by wearing a coat.

Even while standing in the Snyder kitchen.

Katie (Terri Colombino) and Vienna (Ewa daCruz) are obviously counting on their natural hotness to stay warm.

Tune in the week of February 19 to As The World Turns and see who Katie tries to leave out in the cold -- only to be rewarded with a taste of her own medicine (it's not quite The Endicott Awards, but Katie does get taken down a peg or two....)

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