Friday, February 02, 2007


Well, actually, Canada is blaming us...

According to a current article in Playback Magazine, American television is responsible for the destruction of indigenous -- and Canadian -- cultures: I recently caught a National Film Board documentary about the Inuit who, when introduced to TV, quickly became addicted to it. Particularly named as culprit in this '70s documentary were shows like The Edge of Night and The Price Is Right. The Inuit, their leader argued, were fast becoming marginalized because there, on their TVs, was a tantalizing and prosperous lifestyle, but never once did they see their own image involved among the glitter. Yet they remained transfixed to the spectacle as it was readily available, cheap and exciting. Their leader feared they would lose their heritage because they were lured into being bystanders in a foreign culture instead of being given the opportunity to further their own words and tell their own stories.

Wow. The Edge of Night did all that? Must have been a heck of a show.

To check it out on the AOL/PGP Classic Soap Channel, click here. (But blame Canada if you become transfixed).


stefanos said...

I am from Canada. I always loved EON very much and apreciated your project, to re-broadcast old classic soap operas. As there have been no postings for over 3 months, I was curious if the project is still going on. Please let us know one way or another.
Take care

pgpclassicsoaps said...

Hi, Stefanos -

A new batch of episodes is at AOL now, they are digitizing them as we speak and promise to have them up shortly.

Thanks for writing!

PFree15116 said...

Why do the commercials play over and over and over and over? Also will we ever see the missing Another World episode #4090?