Thursday, February 22, 2007


Not only is he a Broadway veteran of such productions as Cats, Beauty and the Beast and Les Miserables, but Terrence Mann also holds the distinction of having played two seperate roles on As The World Turns.

In 1987, he was Jester. According to Mann, "He was this bad guy who murdered people. I think I ended up being dumped in acid or something. And I got an Emmy nomination for it! It was the first year they did the guest star nominations. I had such a great time with the ATWT folks, I just had a ball and loved everybody and they were nice enough to nominate me. It was pretty amazing. To be voted amongst your peers, to be singled out, it was awfully nice of them to do that."

Then, in 2003, he was Newman, the lawyer who defended Marshall Travers against Jessica's sexual assault charges.

Of his time on soaps, Mann recalled, "Daytime actors are just the hardest working actors. It’s relentless and it’s forever, and I am just so impressed and in awe of these folks that walk in there and turn 40 pages of dialogue, within three hours, into a person. Whether it’s good writing or bad writing, it doesn’t seem to matter, these guys make it really palatable. They’re available and they’re just good. I can’t believe how fast they do it. These are 14-hour days and they live their lives like that four, five times a week. Walking into this running machine, it’s like jumping on a speeding train and you hold on for dear life. You have got to find your little track and learn. Of course, everybody is so nice to you, they take you along and they help you out. Over the years, I’ve learned what the environment is and what you’ve got to do when you get there. First, you find your dressing room, although what you really want to do is go back to sleep because you’re there at five o’clock in the morning. And that’s another thing. When you’re on a nighttime schedule like I am (ed. note: Mann was appearing on Broadway in Les Mis while doing ATWT) -- I’m up till one or two o’clock in the morning -- and then to get up at five AM to go do the show, you start to see things. I see dead people."

In addition to his two jobs, back in 2003, Mann was also getting ready to become a dad -- twice! He and wife Charlotte D'Amboise adopted a baby girl from China in May, then, in June, Charlotte gave birth to their second daughter.

Said Mann, "For the three weeks I was doing both shows, I was in a daze. I just didn’t know what the heck was going on. I almost started to do my (ATWT) summation speech in the middle of Les Mis! But, then, I was thinking, I’m doing this for three weeks and literally working on three hours of sleep, seven days a week, so I’m ready for baby-land. Everybody tells me you’re just tired all the time. Right?"

Fortuntately for theater and daytime fans (not to mention his wife and daughters), Mann survived his hectic schedule.

Where is he now? Check out North Carolina's Smokey Mountain News and find out!