Friday, February 16, 2007


Eleni Andros (Melina Kanakaredes) was a gift. Not because of her sweet personality, pretty face and fantastic hair but, literally, a gift.

Frank Cooper's Uncle Stavros brought the young woman from Greece in 1991 as an actual gift for his nephew.

Frank (Frank Dicopoulos), being an ethnocentric American with no respect for the traditions of others (diversity, after all, can have many faces), wasn't thrilled by the idea of an arranged marriage and tried to return Uncle Stavros' present to where it/she came from.

But if Frank didn't want Eleni, Alan-Michael, at least, knew a good thing when he saw it. Of course, once Alan-Michael set his sights on Eleni, Frank wanted her, as well. But Eleni, who in actuality preferred Frank, thought he was dating Blake, and so encouraged Alan-Michael.

And by encouraged, I mean married him. (There was an immigration issue, and meeting a woman who claimed to be sleeping with Frank -- engineered by Alan-Michael, of course).

Frank found out about the set-up that cost him his love, but decided not to tell Eleni. She found out anyway and made love to Frank. Several times. In America and in Greece.

Eleni decided to leave her husband, but then discovered she was pregnant. Believing the baby to be Alan-Michael's and fearing losing it to the Spauldings, Eleni decided to break off with Frank.

However, eventually learning that the baby was Frank's convinced Alan-Michael to let Eleni go and she and Frank prepared to wed.

Frank didn't have the money for the wedding of Eleni's dreams, but a mysterious donor -- actually, Frank's long-lost dad, Buzz, who was hiding out in Springfield under an assumed name and with a new face -- supplied funds for the happy couple to have a wonderful, community nuptials on 5th Street.

Was this marriage of Beauty and the Greek Guiding Light's greatest moment? Watch it on and vote today!

P.S. The baby Eleni was carrying -- born soon after she and Frank took their vows -- was none other than Marina, who went on to date Alan-Michael, herself. What can I say, guess the youngest Spaulding son really loves those Andros women....

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