Friday, February 23, 2007


Holly Norris was no saint. She was a bored, immature, eighteen year old girl who chased her crush, Roger Thorpe, to New York and lost her virginity to him. Then, when Roger was no longer interested in her, Holly went after the older, more respectable Dr. Ed Bauer. They had a drunken wedding in Las Vegas. When Ed wanted to annul the marriage, Holly lied and claimed they'd already consummated it.

However, Holly soon found being a middle-class doctor's wife and stepmother to little Freddie (who would grow up to be Rick) deadly dull (not to mention challenging; once, Holly took her stepson on a picnic and somehow managed to catch the kid on fire).

Bored once again, Holly seduced old flame Roger. When she became pregnant, Holly passed baby daughter Christina (who would grow up to be Blake; obviously, Ed wasn't very good at picking names his children actually liked) off as her husband's.

Springfield being Springfield, the truth eventually came out. Ed divorced Holly (though he would continue to care for Christina as if she were his own) and Holly married Roger.

Their marriage was doomed from the start. Roger's insane jealousy of Holly and Christina's continuing attachment to Ed (not to mention Holly's refusing to sleep with Roger once she decided that their union had been a mistake) drove him to, one day, rape his own wife!

Holly may have been no saint, but nothing, nothing she had ever done in her life warranted such an attack, and Holly bravely sued her husband for marital rape.

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