Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Most couples dealing with infertility merely have to wrestle with commonplace difficulties such as hormone injections, invasive surgical procedures, waffling surrogates and infernal waiting.

Edmund (David Andrew Macdonald)and Cassie Winslow had the unique problem of the woman (Gina Tognoni) who'd killed the father of Cassie's previous child then attempted to take over her life and impersonate her in public, carrying their child.

Cassie and Edmund were initially going to go through in-vitro fertilization in their attempt to have a baby. But, on the night the embryos were ripe for implantation, Cassie left Edmund. At the fertility clinic, Dinah (i.e. the identity-assuming killer above) offered to carry their baby for Edmund and Cassie. She claimed she was doing it in penance for everything she'd taken from Cassie over the years. Edmund, thinking a baby would surely bring his wife running back to him, actually bought her claims and allowed the procedure.

As these things are wont to go, Dinah fell in love with Edmund (I'm sure the fact that he was still obsessed with Cassie had nothing to do with her ardor), and used the unborn baby to manipulate him -- despite having suffered a secret miscarriage earlier.

Was Edmund finding out that Dinah is no longer pregnant GL's Greatest Moment ever? View it at CBS.com and vote!

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Can you please let the folks at AOL know that the hi-q version of Texas Episode #47 is not the correct episode. Also, thank them for the long awaited update.