Wednesday, February 28, 2007


When you think about it, no one in Springfield should really have been too surprised when Ed Bauer (Peter Simon; above) cheated on his wife, Maureen (Ellen Parker) with Lillian (Tina Sloan; above).

After all, despite his reputation for being an upstanding pillar of the community Bauer, the fact is, Ed's past includes alcoholism, wife-beating and previous cheating on previous wives. (Not to mention that his dad, Bill, also allegedly an upstanding Bauer, was a philandering drunk who faked his own death and set up house with a whole other family in Canada).

But even though she knew all that, a shell-shocked Maureen still couldn't help feeling that Ed had "broken her heart." And she told him as much before driving off into the night (and her ultimate death).

Was Maureen walking out on Ed over Lillian GL's Greatest Moment ever? View it on and vote!

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