Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Who doesn't love a royal wedding? (After all, look how well everything turned out for Charles and Diana?)

Guiding Light's Cassie (Laura Wright) and Richard Winslow (Bradley Cole) went through a royal mess of trials and tribulations (including, at one point, answering to the names Dwayne and Stella) to get to the altar.

Initially, Cassie only agreed to marry Richard to solve her money problems so she could stop stripping, and Richard was simply interested in a womb to produce him an heir. (Apparently, all the acceptable women of San Cristobel had been stricken barren by the same disease that got the girls in Children of Men and The Handmaiden's Tale. What other reason could there be for a Prince to be so hard-up that he'd need to practically blackmail a stripper into marrying him?)

They eventually fell in love for real, of course, and, after standing up to Cassie's kidnapper of an ex-husband and Richard's blackmailing weasel of a brother, the pair, at long last, wed.

Was Richard and Cassie Winslow's royal wedding GL's Greatest Moment ever? Watch it on CBS.com and let us know what you think!

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