Thursday, February 08, 2007


Ed Bauer and Eve Guthrie had a lot of obstacles to overcome on their way to an engagement. For one, his daughter, Michelle, didn't like her -- she preferred to see her father with his ex, Holly.

For another, Holly managed to briefly convince Ed that Eve was a crazy, stalking nut-job (it wasn't too hard to do as Eve had previously spent time in a mental institution for trying to kill Mindy Lewis to keep her away from Eve's former lover, Nick).

A stalwart Ed stood by Eve, however, and the pair became engaged in 1995. But their happiness didn't last long. Eve contracted a rare form of leukemia and, when it looked like she would never recover, a grief-stricken Ed followed Eve's wishes and pulled the plug on his comatose love.

Was Ed's decision GL's Greatest Moment ever? Watch it at and vote!

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