Monday, February 05, 2007


In 1995, an amnesiac Reva Shayne was living in Amish country, where one of her friends was Abigail Blume, a deaf young woman who only communicated in a sign language understood by her family.

When Reva regained her memory, she returned to Springfield and took Abby along with her, so Abby could get treatment for the migraines that had plagued her most of her life.

In Springfield, Abby not only got rid of her migraines, she also ditched the exclusive sign language for ASL, and many of the Amish trappings she'd been raised with for a more modern life. In response, she was shunned by the people of Goshen. When Abby began dating Rick Bauer, her parents disowned her, as well.

While dating Rick, Abby was attacked by a thug named Roy in an alley. Abby took Roy to trial. He was let go on a technicality and Abby, furious, shot and killed him, ending up on trial herself. Rick and Abby wed before she accepted a plea bargain and was sentenced to prison for eighteen months. Abby was eventually set free when she was able to prove that Roy had threatened her life prior to Abby shooting him.

In 1999, Abby decided to get a cochlear implant, which would make it possible for her to hear again.

Is the scene of Abby regaining her hearing GL's most memorable moment? Watch it and vote on!

Actress Amy Ecklund, herself deaf since age six, also underwent a cochlear implant at the same time as Abigail. To read her courageous story, click here.

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