Monday, March 05, 2007


For years (and years and years and years), ATWT fans have been clamoring for their favorite, Henry (Trent Dawson), to get a love interest.

Sure, he married Katie for a while there. But Katie merely loved Henry, she wasn't in love with him, and the poor guy ended up with a broken heart. Yet again.

Well, now his dry streak seems to have broken (although, considering how both Katie and Vienna raved about his sexual poweress, you would think his dry streak shouldn't have been quite so dry... maybe he needs a better PR agent). Vienna Hyatt (Ewa daCruz) claims to be madly in love with him to the point of wanting to give Henry all her money. (Which, frankly, is Henry's second favorite thing in the world, after manipulative women in trouble who claim only he can save them).

Katie isn't thrilled about the idea of Vienna making Henry a rich man -- she seems to think Vienna is using Henry. Now where, oh, where, could Katie have gotten that idea? Surely, no one is projecting here, are they?

And since we know Henry has a tendency to listen to Katie -- even when he has no business doing so -- the question becomes, will Henry allow Katie to stand in the way of Henry's finally acquiring the two things he craves most?

Tune into ATWT on CBS and find out!

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Axelle said...

I honestly think Katie's right. Although I really hope she's not.

But I don't know, Katie seems to smell it when there's trouble.

Remember the Nick/Carly fiasco last year?