Wednesday, December 08, 2010


From 1990: Brad is (for one thing, still alive) making plans with Cassandra (who has yet to go completely homicidal), Dru continues pouting over Mom (and Nate) loving Olivia best, plus Paul gets an intriguing offer from Katherine's then-husband, Rex (played by DOOL's ex-Alex, and also an Oscar nominee for co-writing The Deer Hunter*; who knew?)!

* According to Wikipedia: The film began with a spec script called "The Man Who Came To Play", written by Louis Garfinkle and Quinn K. Redeker.... (Michael) Cimino himself was confident that he could further develop the principal characters of The Man Who Came To Play without losing the essence of the original. After Cimino was hired, he was called into a meeting with Garfinkle and Redeker at the EMI office. According to Deeley, Cimino questioned the need for the Russian roulette element of the script and Redeker made such a passionate case for it that he ended up literally on his knees.

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