Thursday, December 30, 2010


Carl told Rachel, "Lucas believes Lorna's accident may have been a message meant for him. A reminder that his former associates have yet to settle the debt resulting from his betrayal."

"And what do you believe? Better yet, what do you know, Carl?"

"Accidents of Lorna's nature, especially ones with no easily discernible perpetrator, are not an unusual means of communicating or settling grievances," Carl hedged. "I am not a man to live in hope, I require certainty. If this was, in fact, an action undertaken by my old cohorts, I mean to find out."

"To what end?" Rachel asked and then answered with the obvious. "So that you can... diffuse the threat."

"So that I can see to it that our families, our children, never come to harm from that, or any other corner."

Rachel absorbed this for a moment before finally replying, "Do it."


Carl is stunned by the change in Rachel, Donna vows to protect Marley - whether she likes it or not, Morgan questions Cass' motives, Kevin goes to Lila for answers, and Alice tries to shake some sense into Jamie regarding Lorna.


This installment of "Another World Today" is dedicated to the memory of Jacqueline Courtney (Alice), who died on December 20, 2010.

Since AWT's debut in May 2009, we have done our best to honor the rich, 35 year history of the Emmy Award winning show, which includes, in large part, the Rachel/Steve/Alice triangle that brought it to the top of the ratings in the 1970s. (Read all about it, here and here.)

On a personal note, I've written about how Rachel and Alice scenes are among my favorites to compose for AWT because, anytime you get those two women together in a room, something interesting is bound to happen - and I'm just as excited as anyone to find out what!

The AWT team sends condolences to Ms. Courtney's family on their loss.

In honor of Jacqueline Courtney, please enjoy a few vintage pictures of AW at the top of its game, below....

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