Monday, December 20, 2010


"Should I be honored by your visit?" Carl inquired of his onetime nemesis.

"You should be worried," Mac explained politely.

"That I'm losing my mind?"

"Your mind and your soul are of no concern to me."

"Ah. How about my wife then? If you're here to warn me off, I'm afraid you've arrived over a decade too late. I realize time is more fluid in the hereafter, but, nonetheless — "

"Shut up, Carl," Mac said pleasantly. "Your baroque rhetoric does nothing for me. I'll take a man who means what he says over one who couches his true motives in flourishes worthy of James Joyce at his most overindulgent. What?" he smiled in response to Carl's befuddlement. "Did you think you were the only one who'd ever cracked a book?"

"Alright. In plain language: What is it you want of me then?"


It's Christmas Eve 2010, and the present day citizens of Bay City are about to receive visits from several ghosts of Bay City past!


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