Friday, December 03, 2010


Thanksgiving in Springfield brought a pair of surprise guests to Billy and Vanessa's holiday table: Dinah and Mallet.

They explained that, with Edmund revealing himself to be alive in Andorra (and yukking it up with India while Reva agonized over Jeffrey and Marah's affair, and Josh struggled to reunite mother and daughter), Dinah did not need to be on the run anymore.

Marina introduced Henry to Dinah and Mallet as the guardian angels who brought him into her and Shayne's lives. Though both Marina/Shayne and Mallet/Dinah swore they were perfectly happy where they were, Mindy couldn't help noticing the furtive looks that passed between the four.

After the holiday, Mindy learned that while Allie attempted to do as Mindy ordered and turn GQ into the police, he had the same idea, and they ended up at stalemate (

Phillip and Beth came over to talk custody strategy. Mindy asked Beth how things were going with Phillip, and Beth admitted they still had their issues - especially about money, and the right way to raise Peyton.

Later, Rick told Mindy that, despite her sending Phillip to try and talk him out of it, Rick still intended to fight dirty for Hudson. He told their lawyer that if he didn't go along with Rick's strategy, Rick would sue him for facilitating an illegal adoption.

Deeply disturbed by who her husband seemed to be turning into, Mindy sought counsel from Ed, who advised her that Rick was terrified of losing his family - he'd already lost so many.

Mindy planned to talk to Rick about the subject after work, but he ended up bringing Leah home for dinner - along with Kevin Marler.

Mindy made small talk with Kevin about Blake and Frank's break-up, and expressed the sentiment that it would be a shame for Blake to end up all alone.

"None of this would be an issue for my mom at all, Dr. Bauer," Kevin replied politely. "If you and Mr. Spaulding hadn't killed my dad."


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SoapFan78 said...

Wow! I can't wait to hear the reaction to Kevin's statement! I think he had every right to drop that bombshell.

Also, why would he call Phillip Spaulding, "Mr. Spaulding." Phillip was Ross's nephew. Thus, Kevin and Phillip are first cousins. I don't know any cousins who would refer to each other that way, especially if one were deservedly angry with the other.