Thursday, December 02, 2010


Frankie shook her head, tears spilling from her eyes. "It... you and I were supposed to raise Lori Ann, Cass. Together. She was our second chance. We were going to make up for everything we lost when...."

"I know," Cass nodded grimly. "But, I'm sorry, Frankie, that dream is over. It died the day I walked into this place. We have to do what's right for Lori Ann now. And I truly believe the best thing for our daughter is to let Dean be her father again. We have to let her go. You have to let her go."

"And I should listen to you because, what? You've been so right about everything else up to this point?"

"You think I'm happy about this? I'm not. Especially when I see how much it's hurting you."

"Don't you dare patronize me," Frankie warned. "Don't. You. Dare. I came here hoping, believing you'd help me figure out a way to keep our family intact. Instead, you did what you always do."

"Which is?" Cass asked coldly, comprehending, though no longer caring that he was picking a fight.

The words tripped frighteningly easily off Frankie's tongue, aided by her surging anger. "Which is: You make a mess, then leave me to clean up and suffer the consequences...."


Frankie's accusation shocks Cass, Jen blasts Allie, Elizabeth and Amanda come to an understanding about Rachel, Grant takes steps to protect himself and Marley - at an innocent person's expense, Jamie and Felicia spar over what's best for Lorna, while Morgan makes an outrageous claim.

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