Thursday, December 09, 2010


"What did we ever do?" Sharlene demanded. "What did we ever do to Gregory that was so horrible, it warranted him treating us like that? Dismissing us as if we didn't matter? As if we were not the ones who would go on mourning him for the rest of our lives, as opposed to that underage Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight, who've probably forgotten him already?"

"We refused to listen to him."

"That was for his own good. If we'd given up on Gregory when he was first diagnosed, he'd never have lived long enough to meet his precious Allie. Or graduate high school, or compete at the Junior Olympics in fencing. Do you remember how proud he was to finish, what was it? Eighth?"

"Ninth," John recalled with a slight smile.

"Ninth. It might as well have been gold, the way he was grinning ear to ear for the rest of the day, do you remember? None of that would have been possible if we hadn't fought for him once. He'd have died at eleven years old. He hated the treatments then. He used to beg me to make them stop. It killed me. It ripped my heart out. I'd hold his head while he spent hours vomiting and shaking. And when he finally fell asleep, exhausted, or just too weak to cry anymore, I used to go into my room next door and practically peel the skin off my arms from digging my nails into them so hard. He detested me then. But, he was grateful to us later. Why was this time any different?"


Sharlene receives devastating insight into Gregory's motives, Morgan pleads for Felicia to trust him over Jamie in regards to Lorna, Lila is forced to suspect Grant of betraying her, Donna achieves a Pyrrhic victory over Carl, and Amanda makes an upending discovery (which you get to vote on)!

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