Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Christmas in Llanview (1989).

Clint seethes at Viki on-stage with her new-found daughter, Megan (Jessica Tuck pre-True Blood)... and Megan's Daddy, Roger. (The truth came out while all were trapped in the underground city of Eterna. Maybe Clint is still a little pissed off about that, as well.)

Plus, for Avengers fans, we've got Linda Thorson (a.k.a. Not Diana Rigg), Tina (Andrea Evans) and Gabrielle (Fiona Hutchison) in very low-cut dresses (especially for December 25 in Pennsylvania), pre-teens Kevin and Joey and toddler Jessica, Bo with Jensen Buchanan as Sarah, Max as Santa, and Delilah, Rafe and Sammi (she of daytime's first embryo transplant... until we found out about the unaborted Josh on AMC) trying to say good-by to a "cantankerous" Asa.

And who is that playing little Sammi, The Embryo Transplant, btw? None other than Danielle Harris, pre-Urban Legend, Halloween II and Blood Night, looking a wee bit more innocent....


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