Tuesday, December 07, 2010

By Alina Adams

My younger brother was a competitive ice-dancer for many years (1996 US Open Novice Dance Champion; 1997 US Collegiate Junior Dance Champion; if he knew I was putting up this photo, he would be most vexed... I think I'll send him the link).

In that time, two separate partners skated over his fingers on two separate occasions. After that, he learned to pick his hands up off the ice immediately after falling (amazing how a tetanus shot helps clarify the thinking). When he takes my kids skating, it's the first thing he teaches them. Apparantly, he should have been giving lessons to Jonny Mosely's partner, Brooke Castille.

As for Brandon Smith and his food poisoning... eh, it's pretty common in skating. (When Russia's pair champion Artur Dmtriev contracted it in Minneapolis at the 1998 World Championships, I was taught a very important lesson by a veteran TV producer: "Never eat sushi in a place where you can't see the ocean." I have a Master's Degree in Broadcasting. This tip was overall more helpful.)

SWTS's color commentator Tanith Belbin had it in Tokyo prior to the 2007 Worlds. Kevin Reynolds at the 2007 Jr. Grand Prix Final. And Evan Lysacek had either that or the stomach flu at the 2006 Olympics. His performance below:

So, Brandon? Welcome!

You're one of the gang now!


Alina Adams is the author of "Inside Figure Skating," "Sarah Hughes: Skating to the Stars," and the Berkley Prime Crime Figure Skating Mystery series, which includes, "Murder on Ice, " "On Thin Ice," "Axel of Evil," Death Drop" and "Skate Crime."

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