Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Christmas 1986 in Port Charles!

It's the traditional children's parade led by a very young Robin, a very 1980s-big haired Anna (flanked by both Robert and Duke - some women get all the luck), with several snarky Quartermaines (including Jimmy Lee), Tiffany and Sean, and, for some reason, General Hospital's token Jew, lawyer Jake Meyer, organizing the whole thing! (But, don't worry, Jake was only Jewish when it caused problems in his relationship with Irish Catholic Rose Kelly. Once he married Bobbie Spencer who, like most soap characters, was a Christian of Indeterminate Denomination, all his interfaith issues miraculously disappeared.)

Plus a Guiding Light holiday greeting from Jerry ver Dorn circa 2001 at: http://www.soapopera451.com/msl/ (scroll all the way down to the bottom).


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