Friday, December 17, 2010



Despite Kevin not really saying anything threatening, Mindy couldn't help feeling threatened. Figuring it takes a troubled boy to explain a troubled boy, she turned to Jonathan for advice.

"Kid's wack," Jonathan offered without a trace of irony.

He also advised that Mindy should figure out what's most important to Kevin, and use that against him. Mindy had an idea... but she wasn't sure if she'd have the guts to use it.

Before mentioning her encounter with Kevin to Rick, Mindy sprang another idea on him: How about they invite GQ to spend Christmas with them and Hudson? If he sees how happy his son is and how committed the Bauers are to letting GQ be a part of his life, maybe he won't pursue custody? (To vote on whether the Bay City DA should drop the criminal charges against GQ, leaving him free to get Hudson back, go to the bottom of: )

Later, at a tree-decorating party, Rick, Mindy, Beth, Phillip, Michelle, Danny, Lizzie, Bill, Holly and Ed all shared their favorite memories of past holidays. (Check out the vintage GL video clips at: )

And then they received a most peculiar invitation....

What was it? Find out and tweet Mindy your advice on what she should do next at: Read Mindy's tweets from oldest to newest at:

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