Friday, December 10, 2010



Over dinner with Rick, Mindy and Leah, Kevin Marler reminded Rick of the role he'd played in Ross' accidental death.

Mindy thought that Kevin was trying to turn Leah against her father, and promised Rick she'd get to the bottom of what Kevin was up to.

Mindy questioned Frank, who admitted that, the entire time he lived with Blake, Kevin was so distant, Frank never felt like he understood the boy.

"Listen," Frank sighed. "I think Blake did the best she could with Kevin. But, if Leah were my daughter, I wouldn't want Kevin anywhere near her."

As she was leaving Company - speak of the devil! - Mindy ran into Kevin, who explained that he knew how to play nice... as long as people were nice to him.

Now, Mindy is wondering whether the little punk out and out threatened her. Read Mindy's tweets at: You can subscribe to get daily updates at: and contribute your thoughts to help Guide the Light!

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SoapFan78 said...

Wow! Another great week of GL! I loved Mindy and Kevin's conversation.

Rick is definitely going over the deep end. I don't see how his relationship with Leah could survive him saying being "raised white" would be better than "being black."

Finally, I'm a bit surprised by the portrayal of Mel as such a jerk. Mel was never bitter and angry. In the last few months of GL on the air, Mel was fun and bedazzled by Cyrus. She and Beth made fun of Rick but she was over him.