Friday, December 17, 2010


Christmas in Another World (1986):

Mac! Ada! Quinn (being kind of inhospitable to James Pickens Jr. - guess she's not a Grey's Anatomy fan)! Assorted McKinnons (don't spend too long pondering how Mary is both Scott and Cheryl's mother... and they're dating) and Michael plotting to ruin Reginald Love's day! Pre-teen Matt (trying to forge a relationship with newly discovered biological dad, Mitch, whose gone a bit overboard in the gifts department. Then again, he's competing with Mac Cory. He's going to lose. Mitch also wants Rachel back. He's going to lose.)

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Derek said...

Thank you so much for posting this. What a wonderful era of Another World. The show went off its track when Quinn and Maisie fell victim to the Sin Stalker serial killer.

It's amazing to see a scene where the characters of Quinn and Zach are simply talking about a routine thing such as a car stuck in the snow. At the same time, it wonderfully frames their burgeoning romance.

I also love the use of the rich history of the show's characters as played out in the scenes with Rachel and Matthew and Felicia and Mitch. Felicia even mentions her beloved late husband Zane, just as someone would do in real life with a close friend. How sad that the writers and producers of AW jettisoned the show's rich history later on.