Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Mariann Aalda gives you the latest on what Alicia Van Dine and Chris Weatherhead, the actress who played her, are up to now in our new installment of

Plus, a personal message from Marianne below:

EYE ON MONTICELLO is going on hiatus for the holidays and will return with a new episode on Wednesday, January 5. Meanwhile, I invite you to leave comments on how YOU predict “The Mystery of “Wonderland Lane” will be resolved! ;)

Also, if you’d like to keep the EYE ON MONTICELLO blog series going, please forward it to friends and ask them to post it on their face book pages and blogs so that we can build circulation. This time off will give them an opportunity to catch up and read the earlier episodes. A number of you have emailed me of your desire in seeing classic episodes of EDGE OF NIGHT make a return on cable TV. I can assure you that a large circulation of EYE ON MONTICELLO will capture the attention of sponsors and maybe we can make that happen… Something to aim for in 2011!

Meanwhile, have a safe, joyful, fun-filled holiday everybody! & C U next year!!!

XO, Mariann/"DiDi"

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