Monday, December 27, 2010


"C-Cass?" A part of Frankie sincerely believed that merely saying his name would somehow prompt the apparition before her to disappear in a puff of smoke.

She said it anyway.

He remained where he was, just standing there on her doorstep, smiling.

"What are you... How... Did you..." It was official. Good-by, mind, hello, senility.

"May I come in?" he asked gently, comprehending Frankie's utterly mystified state, not wishing to add to it.

"Come in," Frankie parroted the words, before it slowly dawned on her what they meant and she opened the door further, standing aside, letting him in. Letting Cass in. To his house. To their house. Letting Cass in to their house when, by all rights, he shouldn't be there at all. "Come in."

"I'm real, Mary Frances," he brushed her hand to drive the point home.

"I was wondering," she admitted.

"And I'm not on the lam, either."

"I was wondering that, too." Frankie threw her arms around her husband, squeezing him desperately, trying to convince herself she wasn't dreaming. Or worse. "What is going on here? How did this happen?"


Frankie struggles to absorb Cass' return, Amanda drops a bombshell on Kevin, Donna and John look to the future, Lucas dares Carl to return to form, and Marley challenges Jamie's faith in Lorna.

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