Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Two of the best lunatics As The World Turns ever feared join forces to conquer Broadway on March 8.

Annie Parisse (ex-Julia) and James Rebhorn (ex-Henry and ex-Bradley, GL -- in Springfield, the man raped his stepdaughter; in Oakdale, it was his daughter. No typecasting here) co-star in a revival of Prelude To a Kiss. More information here.

Fun fact: Larry Bryggman (ex-John) appeared in the original Brodway production. Meg Ryan (ex-Betsy) was in the movie version.


Sam Ford said...

Such a shame that Dr. John Dixon is an ex character on this show...With Victor on Y&R, Luke on GH, Erica on AMC, Stephanie on B&B, and so many other longtime characters all over soaps, and so many fans listing John as their single favorite soap opera character of all time, just wish there was a way to get him back on the show and involved in the storylines...

word_diva said...

Sam is right on the money. John Dixon is missed in Oakdale and from Soaps in general. And I saw Larry Bryggman (the actor who played John)in Prelude to a Kiss on Broadway and he was wonderful. It is strange that such a fine actor and a great character like John Dixon just disappeared.