Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Once upon a time (circa early 1990s), Harley Cooper (Beth Ehlers) and A.C. Mallet (Mark Derwin) were GL's golden couple.

He started off as Harley's instructor at the Police Academy where, as to be expected, sparks and barbs flew prior to passion igniting.

As the course of daytime love never does run smooth, the couple wrestled with obstacles like Mallet's paralysis, deafness and sterility, and Harley's discovery that her father, Buzz, hadn't really died in Vietnam (his name wasn't on the Memorial Wall; photo above) but was actually back in Springfield with a new face and a fake name.

Harley and Mallet finally married in 1993 and moved to Florida. Four years later, Harley returned home alone, explaining that Mallet had cheated on her and they'd split.

In 2005, Harley was in love with Gus and in prison for the murder of her ex-husband, Phillip. If being behind bars and away from her two sons wasn't bad enough, Harley turned around one day to meet her new warden -- A.C. Mallet (Rob Bogue)!

Was her discovery GL's Greatest Moment Ever? Watch it on and vote!


A Drake said...

Good Morning PGP Classic Soaps,

I've been watching classic episodes of EON and have just noticed that episode 6076 and 6081, 6082, 6083 etc won't play while all of the others prior to did.

I can still replay all of the others, just not 6076 and 6081+.

Could you please look into it.

Thanks so much for bringing these classic episodes back, I plan on revisiting the old days of ATWT as I continue to watch new episodes of ATWT and GL.


pgpclassicsoaps said...

Hi, Drake -

AOL is working on moving the PGP assets from Windows Media Player to Flash.

Hopefully it will be cleared up in a week or so.

Thanks for posting!

A Drake said...

Thanks again PGP, you guys are really doing a great job!

rsactuary said...

I am also running into the problem of 7076 and 6081 - 6090 not loading. Any ETA on these getting fixed?

6076 is a CRUCIAL episode, lol!

So great to see Edge of Night again, loved this when it was on the air.

rsactuary said...

er..make that 6076 above, not 7076