Monday, February 05, 2007


Back in 1980, soaps were the hottest thing on the air (yes, I'm counting Dallas as a soap, and you should, too, even if it was on in primetime), while the hottest things on daytime were GH's Luke and Laura.

The country went crazy when the antihero and the ingenue went on the run -- leaving Laura's good boy husband, Scotty Baldwin, behind.

Yeah... about poor Scotty. While Luke and Laura were dancing in department stores and searching for left-handed boys with pots of gold buried in their base, Scotty was left to hang around Port Charles, furrowing his brow.

No fun for the character, no fun for the actor.

At the same time, in an attempt to combine the runaway success of Dallas and GH, NBC commissioned a daytime soap from P&G called Texas.

And to make sure their new offering got as much attention as possible, they lured actor Kin Shriner away from GH to play Jeb Hampton on Texas.

The Another World spin-off taped in the same Brooklyn studio where As the World Turns is headquartered today, and Shriner's love interest was played by a very young Catherine Hickland (now Lindsay on OLTL).

Shriner reminisced about his Texas days to Soap Opera Digest when he returned to those Brooklyn studios in 2005 to play Keith.

Of course, as all soap fans know, no matter how many other shows he pops up on (Rituals, Y&R), Shriner inevitably ends up at his old stomping grounds, GH.

He's back in Port Charles for the month of February, but those wanting to catch him between the Scotts can tune into the AOL/PGP Classic Soap Channel's broadcast of Texas, right now!

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rbnktt said...

I have really been enjoying watching "Texas" and "Another World" at AOL.

I do have a couple of questions though. Does anyone know if episode 47 will be replaced by the correct episode and why after I download episodes 53, 54 and 55 why they don't appear in my AOL folder with the other files on my hard drive?