Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Does Paul (Roger Howarth) now plan to speak softly and carry a big stick?

(And whom, exactly, does he plan to use it on? Any guesses? Put them in the Comments section below.)

Tune in to As The World Turns President's Day week to find out!


gemini said...

Roger does attitude like no one else. This Roger fan wants his attitude back..Paul Ryan is just plain boring!
Give this great actor something to do!

Puertora said...

Roger's Paul Ryan continues to amaze me with his great perfomaces!

What is Paul doing???

Umm.... it seems to me scaring away some animal while saving someone...

BTW Paul looks great!

Paul is a hero! :)

susand said...

Roger Howarth is a marvelous actor hands down!! No matter what the material he never ceases to entertain me, nor astonish me with his versatility!

I appreciate what he gives the viewers and will never tire of any storyline that he is involved in. I happen to love the storyline now and feel fortunate that Mr. Howarth is the man playing this always great character.

In the photo, looks like he is protecting Parker and Faith from something...I agree it could be an animal or perhaps an intruder of some sort.

I also agree...he looks GREAT!!

Erica Kane said...

This is kinda off topic, but I gotta ask. Are the producers planning on adding any of the new actors to the opening credits?? Luke should be on there, aven Brad should be there if he has a contract, it just seems like they havent added anyone since Maddie, Gwen and Casey.

Anonymous said...

roger howarth is doing a wonderful job and i just love his work at atwt.

i love the paul and meg storyline. i cannot stand craig though,because he is creep. ff every scenes he is in.

tat statler said...

Is that the stick that Maddie used on Adam? It would be great if Paul continues to use his "gift" ... I'm really enjoying how he is dealing with it.

My only complaint is ... I want MORE Paul! RH has just been fabulous.

Cataz said...

I think that's the stick Maddie used to hit Adam. Looks like Parker & Faith are on rock above, maybe scared of something? Can't wait to find out. Roger is doing a wonderful job and I'm loving this storyline for Paul, but I want MORE airtime for Paul! He's the best!!

schiffeg68 said...

I think Paul picked up the stick and had a vision..... I think it's the same stick that Maddie used to hit Adam over the head. Paul has his ultra sexy vision face on. ;) Reunite Paul and Meg.

jazzdance said...

I agree with the posters....looks like Paul is protecting Parker and Faith...or an imminent possible threat.

I....LOVE.....Roger Howarth's Paul Ryan. I enjoy seeing Paul involved in different scenes with other characters. Brings out the multi dimensions in the actors ability.

Roger just shines.

"Paul All Around"