Thursday, February 08, 2007


Marnie Schulenberg has joined the cast of As The World Turns as a recast Alison Stewart (formerly played by Jessica Dunphy).

When last ATWT viewers saw Alison, she was headed to Seattle to join boyfriend Aaron (Agim Kaba), who was taking care of his dying mother.

Of course, Alison being Alison, it's doubtful she would have found a bedside vigil entertaining for long (this is the girl who let little Will take the rap for a barn she burned down) -- especially when Aaron's mother went ahead and recovered.
To find out what trouble Alison managed to get herself into since then, tune into The Young and the Restless on Thursday, February 22.

Yup, that's right, The Young and the Restless. Alison will make an appearance in Genoa City prior to coming home to Oakdale,
mom Susan, and sister/mom Emily, on Wednesday, March 21.


Aaron Snyder said...

Is there a picture available?

Kyra said...

Her name is Marnie SchulenbUrg, nor SchulenbErg.
She will be great in this role. She has a striking resemblance to both Emily and the previous Alison. You can Google her name (with the correct spelling) and find some pictures of her in plays she performed in while in college (you will get tons of hits about Marnie Schulenburg the author, and local activist - they are not the same person).

Kyra said...

Oh, and Marnie also has quite a singing voice.

Boo812 said...

Scroll down this newsletter and you will find a good picture of Marnie.

ATWT Fan said...

I didn't care for the character previously, and I am not interested in a recast either. Please put her in story with Dusty. Keep her away from Casey, Will, Gwen, & Maddie!

Boo812 said...