Thursday, January 15, 2009


As ATWT's Craig tries to convince Carly to become Mrs. Montgomery #6 (Betsy, Sierra, Barbara, Rosanna, Meg), let Oakdale's snark-master Henry Coleman introduce you to the longest-lasting of Craig's wives --

-- and what loving him cost her....

Sierra Esteban. A.k.a Madame President. A.k.a the only woman ever to put up with being married to Craig Montgomery for thirteen (unlucky?) years. (Granted, both took turns being presumed dead during that time period, which can make it easier for a couple to get along.)

Sierra Esteban grew up in the Latin American republic of Montega, the daughter of its former ruler, Jacobo Esteban. Sierra grew up believing that her mother was a docile, devoted, downright saintly dead woman.

That would be a 4-D "no."

Sierra’s mother was Lucinda Walsh.

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nancyd said...

Ugh! Do yourself a favor and just say no Carly. You don't love him and you know he's only using you and in the end you'll get hurt by him. Remember everything he's done to you and your sisters even if the writers want us to forget that! LOL and Sage certainly isn't bought by a measly bouquet! Janet set the bar higher to buy Sage's affection!

I wish Sierra would return. She's Craig's true love and the only one that can keep him in line.

Scarlett Echo said...

Carly soon-to-be-Montgomery looks beautiful.

Carly and Craig rock!

lilacstar1 said...

Can't wait to see the wedding! Thanks for the photo as always.

schiffeg68 said...

Carly looks stunning.

Oakdalian said...

Nobody cared that Craig and Carly were connected when Scott Bryce played him the last time. Ridiculous.

Maddie said...

Sage looks happy.. xD
And Carly looks absolutely stunning! I'm happy for her, she should forget about Jack, he's been treating her like dirt lately.