Friday, January 16, 2009


Edmund is back.

And he's got some serious scores to settle!

Only next week, only on Guiding Light!


supersage21 said...

#1: Keep Eddie around for a LONG time.

#2: Lara needs to turn up alive.

elvara said...

Keep Edmund and make Jeffrey disappear...Forever!

Anonymous said...

Edmund and Jeffrey should kill each other. They're both psychotic, predatory criminals who are irredeemable, have no truly organic ties to the canvas, and don't fit the show's supposed return to a more realistic form of storytelling. I'd rather be stuck with Edmund than Jeffrey but neither character is necessary or even entertaining to me especially since BC can't act worth a damn and while DAM is very talented, his over-the-top mustache twirling style is totally incompatible with the new production model, just like Ron Raines' is.

Lara should stay dead and buried even though I know she won't. From the spoilers, it sounds like she and her connection to Edmund is gonna be extremely contrived, a desperate attempt to link Edmund to the canvas now that Richard is dead and Cassie is gone. I'm also not thrilled about having yet another airtime hogging twenty-something newbie who may not even be able to act on the canvas, no matter who she's related to or how pretty she looks in a picture. I mean we just rid of Ava, we don't need another one.

Shayne and Dinah's relationship has been one of the few highlights of the show over the last month or so. Branson and Tognoni have incredible chemistry together. Their scenes are real, raw, and just plain work. The tension between Dinah and Reva is palpable and fitting. And after hearing Shayne's heartbreaking story about Lara's death, her being alive will be a lame cop-out, especially if she's played by a hair model instead of an actual actress. Shayne should have to deal with the pain, not have it magically erased by some laughable non-death that will serve as nothing but the catalyst for yet another of PsychoEdmund's assinine and utterly doomed revenge schemes.