Friday, January 02, 2009


A Guiding Light couple shares a private moment in the 1950s...

And in 2008...

As the children's game might ask: What differences can you spot in the above two pictures?

My favorite is the all male vs. all female crew.


Rebekah said...


Studio cameras vs. simple hand held cameras. Several EP vs. ONE. Romance vs. 10 feet apart!

Anonymous said...

1950: An executive producer that helped pioneer daytime television.

2008: An executive producer that is making a mockery of daytime television.

1950: A crew dressed like a group of professionals.

2008: A crew that consists of two people dressed like they earn a living begging for dimes on the streets of Peapack.

1950: Real cameras.

2008: Tinker toys pretending to be cameras.

1950: A real couple, kissing romantically.

2008: Two people who were never a real couple although they shared one random meaningless barn-boink, discussing their latest robbery/cover-up while standing several feet apart.

supersage21 said...

Rose, you hit the nail on the head again. Couldn't have said it better myself.