Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Once upon a time, As The World Turns' Lily and Craig were actually quite close.

He was, if not exactly a father figure (let's review all the fathers this girl has had - 1) Her biological father, the teen rapist Josh/Rod wasn't around for most of her young life; 2) Her adoptive father, Martin Guest, killed himself when she was a tot rather than admit to Lucinda that Lily's adoption was illegal - do you blame the poor guy? Would you admit a weakness or failure of any sort to Lucinda? Would you? Brian?; 3) Her adoptive stepfather, the one whose name she and her mother ended up using, James Walsh, was old and apparently not particularly interested in Lily; While all of Lucinda's subsequent husbands happened while Lily was too busy obsessing about her own romantic life -- so Craig Montgomery became, almost by default, her big brother/quasi-father figure.

He was married to Lily's sister, Sierra, for many years, and even when everyone else seemed convinced (rightly) that Craig was behind his daughter Lucy's kidnapping, Lily continued to defend Craig.

Holden and Lily's impasse about Craig partially contributed to their split and Holden's subsequent affair with Julia. Lily stood up Holden on New Year's Eve to help rescue a kidnapped Craig, which is when Holden first faced his attraction to Julia and decided to leave Lily.

Craig repaid Lily's lifelong devotion and loyalty by taking advantage of her diet drug-addiction to get her to sign her shares of WorldWide over to him under the guise of helping her manage a baby-food company.

That's when the hate kicked in.

Craig driving Lucy and Johnny into exile didn't help.

But the fact is Lily has always had a soft spot for Craig. And he's been able to exploit that for all its worth.

Will history repeat itself, or has Lily finally wised up?

Find out this week, only on As The World Turns!


Oakdalian said...

The lure of ATWT's characters is getting diluted after so many recasts. Maintaining their relationships is nice, but you had a perfectly wonderful pair playing Craig and Lily a year ago. They deserved Emmy nominations, too. Nobody will ever bring those parts to life like Bryce and Byrne. Since we're discussing the Walsh/Montgomery clan, has anyone told Sierra that her daughter has resurfaced after many moons of kidnapping?

Ron said...

Is there any way to have you post a picture or two of Luke and Noah locked on the roof together and how it goes down.