Thursday, January 08, 2009


(With all due respect and apologies to Maurice Sendak and Carole King)

One was Johnny

Who lay by himself
While various people stressed over his health

2 was his mom - dead at a young age

3 was his stepdad - who lived in a cage

4 was his father - a liar and crook

5 was the stranger pushing his book

6 was the sister who left him behind

7's the uncle who's losing his mind

8 was the one who is like Clarence Darrow

9 is the aunt who gave Johnny bone marrow

10 was what got poor, sick Johnny thinking:

Who are all these people and what are they drinking?

He stood up in bed and said:
Here's what I'll do - I'll start to
Count backwards

And when I am through

If my room isn't empty, I'll eat
All of you!

9 is the aunt who alerted his pop

8 is the uncle who married a cop

7's the one who hears James in his head

6 is the sis who grabbed Johnny and fled

5 is the guy who wrote down Johnny's tale

4 is the father who spent time in jail

3 is the one who won't leave Johnny's bed

2 is the mom who is still pretty dead

One was Johnny

At last by himself
Who liked it like that!


schiffeg68 said...

I want to see the crazy uncle get better.

Mark said...

I want to see the crazy uncle leave Oakdale for good.

laroc said...

Johnny better have his crazy uncle's gift for survival, or between his father and his step-father, he could end up just as crazy.

christyahrends said...

That was a lot of work with all those pictures. Let's see one for GL now, please!

Maddie said...

Haha very nicely done!
I think that little boy is the cutest there has ever been on the show!

laroc said...

One problem: "8 is the uncle who married a cop" Tom's not Johnny's uncle, Margo is his aunt.

Happiness said...

WOW ... Outstanding job thanks !