Thursday, January 01, 2009


Effective 2009, Another World, The Edge of Night, Search for Tomorrow and Texas will no longer be streamed on AOL.

PGP appreciates the support of AOL and all of our loyal fans who loved and watched these shows during their most recent run. We are currently exploring other options in making these shows once again available for viewing and hope that the break is only temporary.

Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute news and, in the meantime, please check out the 1991 episodes of Another World currently airing on!


chuck197007 said...


Thank you for giving us the news(although very disappointing) about the P&G soaps channel.

At least other options are being worked on,but hopefully we won't have to wait too long to see these shows again.

Maybe Hulu could be an option.since the 1991 AW episodes are there?

Marilyn said...

I really hope that EON is picked up soon. I loved it from 1978 until 1984 when it went off the air, and I have been loving watching it again now.

Jandie said...

This is very disappointing news. It has been wonderful to watch The Edge of Night again after so many years. I hope that the show is made available again soon.
I sincerely wish that they would consider putting The Edge of Night out on DVD. I would buy the whole series!

Marilyn said...

I would love to buy EON on DVD. Who could we direct that request to? I have been thinking how great it would be to own them on DVD

eonschuylerwhitney said...

I also hope that EON is picked up soon. I loved it from 1978 until 1983 when Henry Slesar was writing, and I have been loving watching it again now.

I too sincerely wish that they would consider putting The Edge of Night out on DVD. I would buy the whole series!

Sam Ford said...

Sorry to hear the news, but I'm hoping the next home for PGP Classic Soaps will find a way to allow for historical episodes of ATWT and GL in addition to everything else. I know that many fans would love to catch up on the history of veteran characters on the shows they watch today...

Oakdalian said...

If Oprah and Obama have YouTube channels, why don't you?

Anna Adams said...

I'm so sad that Another World is canceled again--I was counting down for a Mac Cory Christmas toast. Thanks for the memories. Hope you'll be able to work something out soon.

SFTFAN said...

I hope that you can find an alternative site to post these wonderful shows. I was really looking forward to seeing the flood on Search For Tomorrow and its 35th anniversary special episode. Thank you for allowing us to relive memories from these timeless classics!

brock66 said...

This was a stupid move on AOL's part---I was so happy to be able to watch my favorite show of all time "Texas"---what has me burned up is that the show wasn't even half-way through it's 2.5 year run!!!

Matt said...

I echo what others have said. There are several venues where Edge/Texas/Search could be showcased. (Personally, I'm partial to Hulu, though YouTube does a good job as well.)

To deprive folks like myself who enjoy the classic soaps of yesteryear is, in my opinion, a crime. They're a window into another time -- to look back on some classic storytelling! For a friend of mine who was too young to see The Edge of Night, she was delighted to finally be able to see what she'd only been able to read about in books and on fan sites.

I sincerely hope that PGP hears the collective voice of the fans and works to bring all their soaps of yesteryear to another video site. We're waiting! :)

chuck197007 said...

I just received a reply from Hulu about the possibility of them adding the P&G classic soaps............

Hi Chuck,

Thanks for your suggestion. I've passed your request for classic soaps on to our
content acquisition team. In the future, feel free to e-mail such requests
directly to

We're always working with various content owners to negotiate for the streaming
rights to more shows and more episodes/clips from shows we already have, and we
believe you'll see our content lineup grow over time.



Derek said...

Thank you for the dedication in making these four classic soaps available through AOL over the last two years. In addition, your blog writers have crafted loving tributes to these shows of yesteryear that so many of us remember fondly.

Perhaps it was best that the arrangement with AOL has come to an end. Their site was extremely user friendly when it started airing the shows back in 2006. Since then, various format changes have resulted in a nightmare of a site to negotiate.

Thanks for looking into new arrangements for distribution. While Hulu sounds like a great alternative in the US, please keep in mind that there are millions of fans of these P&G soaps spread around the world, particularly north of the border in Canada. Hulu is unavailable for any of us living outside the US. That being said, if Hulu is a good fit, please sign with them in order to continue providing these previous holdings to American fans.

Perhaps a P&G Classic Soaps You Tube presence is also in order. I would love to see a channel dedicated to favorite fan scenes such as:

The St. Croix episodes from AW
Mac learning on the witness stand that he is not the father of Rachel's baby (AW)
Ada learning about husband Charlie's death and the walk up the stairs at the end of the episode (AW)
Iris' wedding with Alex and subsequent discovery in later episodes that he is still alive after the shooting (Texas)
Classic scenes between Iris and Vivien (Texas)
Mother / Son confrontations between Iris and Dennis (Texas)

These are just a few suggestions. Thanks for consideration.

jtfe0n said...

It's been nearly a month and I'm still bummed about EON no longer being a part of AOL video. I might have an idea about a new home besides YouTube or Hulu. has launched a Classic TV section of its website where episodes of such Paramount series as "Star Trek", "Twilight Zone" and "Family Ties" are available for viewing. Since EON and SFT originally aired on CBS, I think they'd be a great fit for this site. Edge of Night, Search for Tomorrow, Welcome Home.

Lynette said...

I loved watching the P&G soaps on AOL, especially Edge of Night. I hope we can see Edge of Night episodes on or somewhere else soon. We would really appreciate it. I love Edge of Night and miss it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Derek said...

April 25, 2009

I've just been made aware of the wonderful news through the "We Love Soaps" site that you have made the 1991 episodes of Another World available on You Tube. The notice also indicates that the 2007 episodes of Guiding Light and As the World Turns are also available.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Procter & Gamble / Telenext from Canadian and worldwide fans who are unable to access Hulu. Please consider issuing a blog posting to this effect (maybe I missed one this month) and be sure to create a link to the You Tube episodes on your blog's home page.

Any chance you can also revive the Texas, Edge of Night and Search for Tomorrow offerings through You Tube? Since the AOL episodes were so difficult to access, I would encourage you to start at the beginning of your holdings in order to catch a whole new wave of fans.

With this announcement, you have the makings of a devoted fan following on the Internet worldwide. Who needs TV networks anymore? Please consider transitioning Guiding Light to the web post-September. It already made the leap from radio to TV - why not the Internet as its next broadcast medium?

In a dream world, I would love to see you revive all your classic shows on the web, particularly Another World, which had such a great history, characters one cared about and incredibly talented performers. I took a quick peek at a 1991 episode and remarked what a talented cast was in place at the time. At the very least, you could think about a AW reunion special to mark the passing of so many of the show's cast since the show signed off. There would be so many classic clips you could show of past AW performers such as Beverlee McKinsey, Irene Dailey, David Bailey, Anne Meacham, Gretchen Oehler, Elizabeth Allen (Vicki from AW and Texas), Lee Patterson (AW and Texas).

Thanks again.

Jack661 said...

It's July 2009 as I type this comment. Any news on EON being picked up by anyone? I emailed hulu just now. I'm torn on whether I'd like them to start with the earlier 1978 episodes which are apparently available or to continue with where AOL Video left off. I'm leaning toward the 1978 stuff to see the classic Denise Cavanaugh storyline. P&G, any news yet?

garydrew01 said...

music instructional dvds would be more interesting, anyway, thank you so much. nice news and info;)

Anonymous said...

Don't know if this has been suggested, but it would be great if these soaps could do a weekly show rather than daily. It would be better than taking them off the air all together.