Thursday, January 08, 2009


GL's Lizzie has never been particularly good at sharing. (One assumes it was that whole spoiled brat upbringing thing.)

So why did Beth think that Lizzie would be okay about sharing Coop? Even if Lizzie and Coop haven't been together since she, well, slept with Jonathan. (In that case, Coop wasn't too keen on sharing, either.)

And if she was so off about Lizzie's reaction, how wrong will Beth be about Alan's ultimate response?

See for yourself -- only next week, only on Guiding Light!


supersage21 said...

Why would Beth be interested in sharing Bill with Lizzie, even though Beth's been through several men since?

Poor creative writing choices.

Chantal said...

Awe, I love Coop and Lizzie! I've got my fingers crossed that one day they'll get them back together! :)

christyahrends said...

Is anyone else saying "Thank Gad Philip is coming back!" ?

christyahrends said...

Oops, that's "Thank God"