Tuesday, January 20, 2009





C) All of the above?

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dana said...

I have to go with B. Olivia and Natalia have a great relationship, I would love to see this storyline explored further. How it impacts Emma, Natalia's faith among other things.

I like Frank but Natalia has much more chemistry with Olivia.

Destini said...

I woul go with B. Natalia has shown over and over that she has no romantic interest in Frank and has repeatedly shot him down. They have no spark whatsoever.

With Olivia on the other hand she shows great chemistry, affection and even attraction on a subconcious level. Olivis already seems to be beginning to recognize her feelings go beyond the platonic for Nat.

I love the writing for them and I hope and pray GL has the good sense to pursue this storyline to a happy (for soaps) conclusion. they are a true supercouple.

supersage21 said...

The writing is there for Olivia and Natalia. This has been a slow build romantic storyline and has been enjoyable.

Soap50 said...

I choose B.Frank has no chemistry with Natalia. He should be given a different love interest. Natalia has way more believable chemistry with Olivia.

Rebekah said...

D.) Neither. Both are boring and/or discusting.

E.) Zzzz...wait..huh. What just happened?

nell said...

Of the two, I would choose B, Olivia. Frank is so boring I wouldn't wish him on anybody.

Jenny said...

So Olivia and Natalia are now going gay? What an offense to real gay people out there who don't choose their sexuality out of thin air!

Oh and shame on Proctor/Gamble soaps for totally ignoring a real gay couple that you could have actually done something with on As The World Turns.

Looks like CBS chooses to go with shock tactics with fake lesbians instead of developing two gay men who love each other.

2A said...

Definitely B. I hope GL continues to explore the Olivia and Natalia relationship.

Tonya said...

C. Philip!!! Prince Charming and damsel in distress. What could be better than that?!?!? Frank and Philip already have a bad background lets shake it up with a little competition. Olivia is too out of character in this roll. Once "Natalia" comes back from having her baby, she needs to fall head over heels for Philip and drive Olivia back to the insane woman she really is good at being.