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In total, 10 actors played Another World's Jamie Frame, son of the show's signature heroine, Rachel. His adult portrayers included Richard Bekins, Stephen Yates (ex-Ben; GL), and Laurence Lau (Brian; ATWT). But it was Russell Todd who was the final Jamie, assuming the role from 1990 to 1993. It was Todd's Jamie who, on the rebound from ex-wife Vicky, took up with her twin, Marley -- then watched both sisters morph from Anne Heche to Jensen Buchanan! (See the switch for yourself on Hulu.com)

The PGP Classic Soaps Blog caught up with Russell to reminisce about his days in Bay City and find out what he's doing now!

PGP: Although you'd appeared briefly on "Capitol" (as a temporary replacement Jordy), you came to "Another World" from prime-time ("Riptide," "Jake and the Fat Man") and feature film ("Friday the 13th," "Where The Boys Are") work. How did you enjoy the transition to producing an episode a day?

RT: It was quite an adjustment to go from pages a day to an entire show a day! I am thankfully a very good memorizer so it wasn't too difficult to learn the dialogue for each day. I do love challenges and doing a soap opera is surely that. There aren't many jobs in TV where you work about 50 weeks a year and quite often the days are long and exhausting. I really loved the work and was very thankful for being there.

PGP: Do you remember you audition for Jamie? Your first day on the set? How would you describe who Jamie was when you took over the role?

RT: I was brought into the office of the producer Michael Laibson. We read the scene and he said do it again but totally different. I did and they decided to test me with Anne Heche. The test must have gone well since I got the job!

I was the 10th guy to play Jamie so to most of the cast it was probably just another actor in the revolving door. Still, the first day everyone was very nice and welcoming. There was only one scene that day, a phone call to either Marley or Vicky... I can't even keep them straight now! I was nervous like any actor would be on their first day, but I kept reminding myself what someone once told me: "You got the part, so relax and enjoy it now!"

I had never seen AW before my audition. I didn't know who Jamie was except for what I was told and what I saw in a few episodes they sent me. I knew he was a doctor and a family man but little else about him. I thought he was very proper and well mannered and always hoped they would give him more negative traits. I asked if they would spice him up a bit and make him darker. That was never to be the case. Oh well, better to play a good guy than no guy.

PGP: What was the transition from Anne Heche's Vicky/Marley to Jensen Buchanan's like? Did it change your own performance to have a different leading lady, but playing the same character?

RT: I loved both actresses. Both were talented and excellent to work with -- and work off of -- every week. Obviously both would have different approaches and ways of working. I don't think it changed my own performance, but I do think it was easy to see how differently they played the characters.

PGP: What are some of your fondest memories from your days in Bay City? Do you keep in touch with any former cast-mates?

RT: Working so closely with the actors and crew day to day creates a very strong bond and family feeling. My last day was very emotional knowing it was over and most likely I wouldn't see most of them again. I fondly recall entering the studio on my work days and the wonderful greetings you'd receive from the guard post or the makeup and wardrobe staff. Everyone was just so friendly and that meant a great deal to me.

There are so many fond memories of my time in Brooklyn. There are just too many to mention. I was blessed to be working on a popular show with a great cast and crew. I had so many laughs on and off the set with fellow cast-members and staff.

I still stay in touch with Carmen Duncan (Iris), John Aprea (Lucas) and my dad from the show, George Reinholt (Steve). I always laugh when we speak because he jokingly calls me Son and I call him Dad. John lives here in LA, and I see Carmen when she comes to the States from Australia. All of the cast have gone our separate ways and it's hard to stay in touch, but nothing can stop the great memories of being part of the "Another World" family.

PGP: How would you answer the question: Where is Russell Todd now?

I'm in an excellent place in my life. I am an agent for steadicam operators and now own the largest agency in the world for that representation. I love what I do and love the challenge of dealing day to day and trying to get my clients the best jobs and deals. I do visit the sets of my client's shows and it's always nice to be back around the lights and cameras, even from the other side.

I am truly blessed in many ways and wouldn't change my path to the present. I still do some television commercials, including one I did that's showing in Europe and Asia, with Sharon Stone as my date. It was for a scotch . Los Angeles is my home and as much as it was exciting to live in NYC, I know this is truly where I enjoy life the most. Beaches, desert and mountains are all close by and I frequent them all. Most of my friends are outside of the business which I really enjoy as well.

To watch Russell's turn as Jamie on "Another World," click here, now!


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The only thing that's different about him is the hair. He's looking good these days. He seemed like the most serious Jamie to me. Does he give P&G a special rate for the steadicams?

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Can someone please help me. I would really love to be in touch with the guy that post all those blogs here!

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