Thursday, January 22, 2009


Lizzie tries some retail therapy to get over Bill.

And... you know... other stuff.

Though even Cyrus seems to be wondering what exactly is going on here.

At least you'll get to find out next week, only on Guiding Light!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait for this. I'm loving Cyrus and Lizzie together. GL is getting incredible lately with the writing. Keep The Light Shining Everyone.

supersage21 said...

Barf. Why can't they do real romance instead of this bed hoppin' stuff? Use characters that have emotional value like Bill. The only thing Cyrus has been used for as a character has been sex.

Anonymous said...

Relax Sage, nothing's gonna happen between them. Cyrus is just being used as a sounding board during Lizzie's emotional breakdown over Bill as they're prepping the story where Cyrus returns to Marina's life as her marriage FINALLY starts falling apart. Bill & Lizzie are the endgame of this story and Cyrus will be almost completely out of it by the time Phillip get involved.

Cyrus was never about sex until they took him completely out-of-character so that he could serve as Harley's lapdog. Then they used the barn boink with Cassie to illustrate how miserable he was with her. But before that, he'd been in town for nine months and had sex with only one woman, Marina, and they'd known each other for over six months before they ever slept together and were in love by the time they did. And he hasn't slept with anyone since Harley left, not even Cassie. That's at least eight months with no sex. He's been in town for two years come March and he's been with three women. Three women in two years and one of them was a five-minute-stand while he was drunk and a little out of his mind, one was the fiancee he adored, and the other was Harley, which I still chalk up to temporary insanity. He's hardly a man-ho of Jeffrey or even Edmund-like proportions.

christyahrends said...

I agree with Rose on this one. I've liked Cyrus since he started on the show. In fact, it was his s/l with Marina that got me watching GL again. I think Murray is a better actor than he gets credit for, and that Cyrus oozes charm, and he has chemistry with any actress they pair him up with (which possibly is why they have paired him with several women). Of the women he's been with, I liked him best with Marina. I can't stand watching her on the show right now. I'm sure MB and RB make a wonderful couple in real life, but on the show it's so stale.

Anyway, back to Cyrus. NOTHING better happen between him and Lizzie except what's in that picture. I think she and Bill are the real thing. The Reva and Josh for future generations (if there are future generations). I would love to see Cyrus back with Marina somehow, but not to hurt Mallot in the process.

I hope when Phillip returns Lizzie forgives Bill, they get back together, and then he goes searching for Sarah next. I don't care if Jon comes back too, but I think that Lizzie needs Sarah to help her GROW UP and put priorities in order!

I'm done now!!!

Mo said...

Yuk, I hope they are really not trying to pair them together. Especially since Lizzie was just belittling Coop for the age difference between him & Beth.
Personally, I like Beth & Coop together, but Cyrus & Lizzie = NO!

Jane said...

I don't think Lizzie and Cyrus will be a couple for long, but I like the two together! :)

Billie said...

I hope you are right RVD and that Cyrus will be out of Lizzy's story by the time Phillip returns.I'm not a Bill and Lizzy fan so frankly I don't care about them but I do want Cyrus to find his way back to Marina.

The Cyrus and Marina story was very much about love and romance but since then he hasn't really had a clear direction or reason to be in town. Its time to fix that.

I second Supersage21's "barf." Lizzy and Cyrus aren't working for me either and frankly I am growing weary of Lizzy , her kidanpping, and the Bizzy rollercoaster.