Monday, January 12, 2009


Who is this girl?

And is she really most sincerely dead or just, you know, soap dead?

Find out this week, only on Guiding Light!

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Anonymous said...

Who the hell cares if a character we know nothing about and have never seen or heard of is really dead or not?!

This is one of the big reasons why GL is in the toilet: the incessant focus on people who don't matter while ignoring the characters we know and love.

And you actually think that suggesting that a woman that NuShayne, who we're barely used to, knew while offscreen might not be really dead is gonna make people watch? It might be more effective to try focusing on erasing the horrific mistakes of the past few years by having everyone behave in-character again, reuniting the couples people actually like while breaking up the boring, nauseating, and offensive ones that we've been stuck with, and advertise stories that involved characters we've actually heard of and stories that might actually be about something?!