Tuesday, January 13, 2009


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Brandi said...

Alan: "Lilian,... I am MADLY in love with you!"

Lilian:(starts coughing in a choking way,.. puts her hand to her chest) "Oh my! I think i'm having a heart attack,... yep,... it's definately a heart attack alright! I must get to the hospital right away!"

Alan: "Oh Lilian, faking a heart attack is the oldest trick in the book,... I would know! I've pulled many tricks in my day! (Pause) I've bought you a gift to show you my love, darling!"

Lilian: "Umm, no thanks,... i'll pass! I don't trust any gift from you. And besides, I think I hear it ticking."

(Lilian walks away)

Brandi said...

I also have this one,..

Alan: "Lilian what are you doing?"

Lilian: "An at home self breast exam. You can never be too safe, ya know."

Alan: "Must you do this out in the open?"

Lilian: "Don't like it? Then don't look!"

HAHAHA!! I'm a dork,.. I know this,... and I was bored, lol.

supersage21 said...

Lillian: Why did you put Coop in this box? You KNOW Beth won't be happy about this...

Reva said...

Lillian: Finally, someone remembered that I'm the longest running cast member on Guiding Light.

Alan: Lillian, don't flatter yourself. I want you to give this to Beth because she's refusing to speak to me.

Manifan said...

Is this for me? Is it a bomb?