Monday, January 12, 2009


The story of how Margo Montgomery and Tom Hughes first fell in love, as told by the irrepressible Henry Coleman!

An excerpt:

Back in the ancient days we refer to as the 1980s (I was but a wee lad then, so most of their tale comes second-hand), Tom was a crusading young attorney who’d just prosecuted Margo’s newly discovered father, John, for marital rape. Tom was also dating Margo’s aunt (whose name, coincidence of coincidences, was Maggie Crawford – same as “The Man From Oakdale’s” editor!).

Margo came to work as Tom’s assistant, whereupon sexual tension disguised as witty banter ensued. Also ensuing soon after Margo’s hiring was her firing. Without Tom’s permission, Margo did some independent sleuthing in an attempt to ferret out a local drug ring. She dressed up as a hooker. She got arrested. Tom bailed her out. Tom told her to go away.

Margo did. All the way to Paris, where her ex-love, James Stenbeck, was meeting with the head of the drug ring, a dwarf who called himself Mr. Big. And embraced irony.

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Oakdalian said...

We know their past, but do they have a future? Margo gets to explore her family's criminal dealings every other day, but Tom is nowhere to be found. If he had actually taken custody of Daniel from Emily The Prostitute like a real Hughes, he could have a long term story.