Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Wonder if Johnny reminds Carly of the little adorable redhead that used to live at her house (before he got all surly... and brunette).

Parker and Craig actually used to get along quite well during the redheaded years.

When Rosanna returned to Oakdale in 2002 with a court order giving her custody of Parker (Carly had been kidnapped by Stenbeck and prematurely aged), Craig kidnapped the tot -- for Carly's sake. He eventually turned Parker over to Rosanna (Craig did care for Carly, just not at the cost of his going to jail) but when Rosanna couldn't understand what the little boy meant by demanding "jelly fries" for dinner, she called Parker's buddy, Craig, to translate. (Parker wanted chili fries.)

Craig once harbored hopes of him, Carly and Parker becoming a family. Now that he's got a little redheaded boy of his own (not to mention a probable custody battle), will Craig's dream become a reality?

Find out this January, only on As The World Turns!


Maddie said...

yeah, Craig and Johnny!
I really hope Craig and Carly will stay together and they'll get custody of Johnny.

Scarlett Echo said...

This would be one kick-butt Oakdale family and I will be hoping Craig and Carly make a happy home.

Love that picture.

I'm loving the show more than I have in a very long time.

Go Craig and Carly! <3

dharmabum said...

Umm, you forgot to mention that when Carly was aged by Stenbeck, Craig was disgusted by her old appearance and turned his back on her. Nice guy.

Dear gawd, who would trust Craig to raise a child? Surely not the woman whose sister is in a coma because of Craig. I can't believe anyone with half a brain would be behind this idea. Craig's already ruined two children's lives.


Katie said...

Yay, I'm loving Carly & Craig. Thanks for posting this pic.

Oakdalian said...

So you put Craig and Carly on one side and Dusty with Meg on the other. Cute, but not one of these four people has demonstrated the ability to raise Johnny properly.