Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Frank Dicopoulos' (Frank) daughter, Olivia Dicopoulos, returns to Guiding Light when Maureen gets into trouble on Thursday, January 22.

Dinah, naturally, blames Vanessa. (Considering that Dinah blames Vanessa for all her problems, why wouldn't she blame Vanessa for Maureen's, too?)

Maureen's situation, however, inspires Mallet and Marina to take some action of their own -- with a little prodding from Dinah. (She sure does seem to be hanging around her ex a lot, doesn't she?)

Tune in to GL this week for the whole story!


supersage21 said...

All roads lead back to Mallet and Gag. Ugh. Why not pair Mallet and Dinah back together again?!?

christyahrends said...

Frank's daughter is a cutie!

Rebekah said...

Frank's daughter is so cute!

Loving the M&M spoiler. The Dinah part? Not so much.

nell said...

I couldn't be happier that Dinah is hanging around her ex. Those two are the only reason I tune in.I agree with you supersage, reunite Dinah and Mallet and do it ASAP.

Anonymous said...

I love the rush that Mallet and Marina are in to have a kid.

For starters, it proves how empty their relationship is that they've barely been married a month and are already so desperate not to be alone that they're contemplating adding an element that will make sure that they don't have any significant time alone together for the next eighteen years.

Second, this will no doubt be the beginning of the end of the most insanely boring couple I have ever seen. Their relationship is nothing but a place for both of them to hide from the people that they really love but are terrified of. Once this relationship, which is built on convenience and fear, becomes more trouble than it's worth, it'll be over.

Third, we all know that Marina is gonna get knocked up by Cyrus and that Dinah will know or find out all about it, which will lead to M&M FINALLY breaking up forever! Now just hurry up with the crucial booty call so that this farce can be over!

christyahrends said...

If that's true, and they go down the road of Marina getting knocked up by Cyrus, it'll be interesting how RB and MB act out that story line. I would think it really hard to be involved with someone romantically in real life but hurt each other on the show. I think RB is a much better actor than MB.

I would like to see Cyrus back in a front running story (not involved with Lizzie).

If Marina does get pregnant with Cyrus' child, her child's beginnings would be just like her own. (Frank/Eleni/A-M) Guess we'll see soon...