Thursday, January 01, 2009


Very close, AMCHistory!

The answer to Who Is The Future Dynasty Star in this Search For Tomorrow episode:

Is Kathleen Beller (center in the polka-dot dress with big collar).

Beller played Stu's granddaughter, Liza Walton, from 1971 to 1974. At that time, her love interest, Jo's ward Bruce Carson, was played by future Beast Robby Benson.

In 1979, Beller was nominated for a Golden Globe honoring her supporting role in the feature film, Promises in the Dark.

She played Laurence Olivier's granddaughter in The Betsy, where she participated in a notorious nude scene, then joined the cast of Dynasty in 1982 as Kirby Anders, daughter of Carrington butler Joseph.

Considering that Kirby's first love interest on the show was Jeff Colby (played by another SFT alum, John James), one wishes that the character had been given a different first name as, upon her marriage to Jeff, she became the unfortunately monikered Kirby Colby.

Kirby was raped by Jeff's brother-in-law, Adam (Gordon Thompson), became pregnant with his baby, but miscarried. Kirby apparently got over the violation because in 1991, during a made-for-TV movie, Dynasty: The Reunion, Kirby and Adam, who'd been apart for close to a decade after Adam's mother, Alexis, blackmailed Kirby out of Adam's life, announced their reconciliation and upcoming marriage. (Perhaps the fact that he was now played by a different actor, Robin Sachs, kept her from suffering post-traumatic-stress-disorder. But, then again, Kirby had agreed to marry Adam back in 1984, too.)

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